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The Guardian reports that Paul Pogba is not happy with his current coach, Jose Mourinho. The French coach has been in charge of the club for a year and a half and has already managed to get the players to the Champions League zone. However, Pogba does not like the style of the team and is not satisfied with the results.
The player has already expressed his dissatisfaction with the coach in public. The Portuguese has been criticized for a lack of motivation, and the player has also criticized his teammates for not performing well.
“We are not playing well. We are not in the Champions league. We have a lot of problems. The coach is not motivated. He is trying to find a solution, but we are not ready to play for the title. We want to win the Europa League. We need to find the solution,” Pogba told the press.
It is obvious that the player is not pleased with the situation. The player is a top player, who can be a leader of the national team, and he is not the only one who is dissatisfied with the current situation.

The Portuguese coach has already been criticized by many players, but Pogba has become the most famous and most talked about player in the world. This is why the player’s criticism of the situation is especially important.
Will the player stay at the club?
There is no doubt that the situation at Juventus is not ideal. The club has been under the management of the same person for a long time and has not managed to win any trophies. The players are not happy, and there are rumors that the club is considering selling the player.
However, the player himself is not sure about his future. He has already said that he wants to leave the club, but he is unsure if he will do it.
There are many reasons for the player to stay at Juventus. The most important is the fact that the team has a good chance to win trophies. Moreover, the team is in the middle of the standings, which is a good opportunity to get into the Champions’ League zone and get into a higher division.
Juventus is a great club, and it is worth staying at the team. The team has already won the Scudetto, and they are also in the top 4 of the Serie A.
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The team is not in a good shape, but it has a chance to get out of the middle class. The current season has shown that the players are ready to do their best, and this is what the team needs.
In the current season, Juventus has a lot to be happy with. The main problem of the squad is the lack of form. The last few matches of the season have shown that this problem is not going to go away.
This is the main reason for the team’ s success in the current campaign. The Juventus players have already managed not to lose points in the matches against the teams that are stronger than them.
Moreover, the club has a great opportunity to win gold medals in the next season. The previous season, the squad of the coach was not in great shape, and in the first match, the players lost to Inter.
After that, the coach decided to change the coach. The new coach was Antonio Conte, who managed to turn the team around. Juventus has already qualified for the Champions’ League, and Conte’s team is considered one of the main favorites of the tournament.
Fans can follow the team’s results on the website of sports statistics. The site provides information on the results of matches of Juventus, as well as other Italian clubs.
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The current season is the most important for the club. The squad of Conte has a really good chance of winning the Scudo. The season has already shown that it is possible. The problem is that the main goal of the players is to get to the Europa league.
Conte’s players have a good understanding with the team, which allows them to play confidently. This has already helped them to get a lot in the season.
Many fans are not satisfied by the team performance. However this is not surprising, because the team does not have a great lineup. The only good players are:
· Modric.
These players can play in almost any position, which means that the coach can rotate the lineup.
If the team manages to get in the Europa zone, it will be a great achievement. The fans are waiting for this, and if the team can do it, it can be considered as one of Europe’’ leaders.
You can follow Serie A on the sports statistics website. Here you can find information on all the matches of this tournament, as it is played in Italy.
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Despite the fact, that the current champion is Manchester City, the main rival of the Citizens is Liverpool. The Reds are considered the main contender for the champion title, but the team of Jurgen Klopp has already showed that it can win the title as well. The victory in the English championship is not a given, but this season, Liverpool has shown a good game.