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Mourinho makes Pogba transfer hint a success

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has recently hinted that the club will make a move for the player who has been in the squad for more than a year.
The Portuguese has long been known for his tactical flexibility, and this is reflected in the fact that the team has been able to make a number of high-profile transfers this season.
However, the most interesting of them is the acquisition of the player from Juventus. The player, who is known for the fact he is able to score from any position on the field, has already become an important part of the United lineup.

The club has already managed to get the player, but it is still unclear how much the player will cost. However, it is worth noting that the player has already scored a number goals for the club, which is a good sign.
Moreover, Mourinho has also mentioned that the transfer of the midfielder is not the only one. He also mentioned the acquisition by the club of the defender and the goalkeeper.
These transfers are not the last, and the club has a number more to come. The Portuguese has recently said that he is ready to make transfers that will significantly improve the team’s performance.
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Soccer scores today
The season has already ended, and it has been a busy one for the Premier League. The top 4 have already been decided, and now it is time for the fight for the champion title.
This year, the fight has been especially intense. The main contenders for the title were:
• Liverpool;
• Manchester City;
· Chelsea;
and Manchester United.
Of course, the team of Jose Mourinho is the main favorite of the season, but the others managed to make good results.
Liverpool has not yet managed to fully recover from the injury of Steven Gerrard, and so far, the Reds have not managed to demonstrate their best football.
In the last season, the club was able to win the Champions League, but this time, the main goal of the team is to win gold medals.
Manchester City has already demonstrated its great potential, and they managed to win a number titles.
Now, the Guardiola’s team is in a strong position, and its main goal is to be in the Champions league zone.
Chelsea has already shown its great football, and even though the team’ performance has not been as good as that of Manchester City, it managed to reach the Champions’ league zone, too.
United, on the other hand, has not managed yet to win any title, but they are already a part of a group that is considered the main favorites of the tournament.
Thus, the season has come to an end, and we can see that the fight is not over yet.
Who will win the champion league?
This season, there were a lot of interesting matches that have been held in the championship. The fight for gold medals has already been joined by a number matches, and many teams have already managed not to lose.
Among the contenders for gold, there are:
* Manchester City and Liverpool;
* Chelsea; and Manchester United;
* Ajax Amsterdam.
All of them have already shown their best game, and their competitors have not been able yet to demonstrate the best football of their lives.
It is now time for decisive matches, where only a few points separate the teams.
Will the teams be able to finish in the top 4?
The fight for a place in the next season of the Champions’ league has already started, and all the teams have a chance to finish the season in the elite.
There are a lot more matches ahead, and there is no doubt that the teams will fight until the last match.
If you look at the standings, you can see the following:
1. The teams that have already won a number championships. They are: Liverpool, Manchester City.
2. The clubs that have not yet won a title. They include: Ajax Amsterdam, Chelsea, and Manchester City
3. Teams that are in the middle of the standings. They have already played a number games, and if they are able to improve their position, they will be able not to miss the playoffs. They belong to the following teams: Liverpool and Chelsea.
As for the teams that are not in the best shape, they can always find a place on the Champions club. They can play in the Europa League, too, which will help them to improve the position in the standings and get a place higher on the list.
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