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Manchester United will sell Schneiderlin for a record £40 million
The club has already made a record transfer of the summer, signing the German striker from Borussia Dortmund.
The signing of the player has been confirmed by the club’s official website. The player will join the team in the summer and will start playing for the club in the middle of the season.
Schneiderlin is a player who is very popular among the fans and has already managed to become one of the best strikers in the world. He scored more than 100 goals in the German championship and has managed to score more than 30 goals in a season. The striker has already scored a number of important goals for the team.
In the English Premier League, Schneiderlin has already become a leader of the team and has become one the main players of the Manchester United. The club has managed not to lose points in the current season, which is a good result for the fans.

The transfer of Schneiderlin will not be a surprise for the Manchester united fans, who have already seen the transfer of Rashford. The signing of Rashard is a great success of the club, because it has managed the transfer without any problems.
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What to expect from the new signing
The new signing of Manchester United is a striker who can also be called a number 10. The transfer of this player will be a good opportunity for the management of the Red Devils to strengthen the team further.
Rashford has already impressed the fans with his performance in the English championship. The forward managed to get into the starting lineup for the first time in his career and managed to quickly score goals.
It is also worth noting that the player managed to make a good impression on the club’s management, because the club bought him for a relatively low price.
At the moment, the transfer is still in the initial stages, but the club will definitely be able to strengthen its lineup in the near future.
Main transfer news for the season
The season of the English premier league is coming to an end, and the main transfer news from it are the transfers of the main stars of the game.
Manchester United has already signed the striker from Chelsea, and now the club is looking for a new striker. The new player will play for the Red devils in the second half of the championship.
Jose Mourinho has already said that the club needs to strengthen their lineup in order to compete for the title. The Portuguese coach has already shown that he is capable of doing this, because he managed to bring in the player for a price of about 20 million euros.
This transfer will be an excellent opportunity for Mourinho to strengthen his team. The team needs to improve its defense, as it has not been the best in the championship for a long time.
However, the club has a number that can be considered as a main transfer of Mourinho’slive. This is the signing of a number ten. The number ten position is considered to be the most important in the team, so the club should look for a striker that can help the number ten to score goals as well.
If you look at the transfer news of the new season, you will see that the team is definitely in the best shape it has been for a while. The main transfer that Mourinho has managed is the transfer to the number 10 position.
Chelsea is not the only team that has managed a transfer of a player of this position. Manchester United managed to sign the player from Tottenham, who is considered as one of Mourinho’s main transfers.
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Who will replace Rashford?
The Manchester United has a lot to do in the next season, because they have a number one striker who is not able to perform at the highest level. The problem is that the striker is not in the form of a leader, so he can not get into a good rhythm.
Now, the Red team needs a new leader, because now the team has a new coach. Jose Mourinho has been the coach of the Portuguese team for a few years now, and he has managed successfully to get the team to the Champions League.
He managed to do this by signing a number 11 player. The fact that the transfer was made without any difficulties shows that the Portuguese coach is capable to do transfers that will please the fans of the Old Trafford.
Another transfer that will help the team will be the signing a defender. The Red Devils have a lot at stake in the season ahead, so they need to strengthen both defense and attack.
Do not forget that the season is not over yet, because there will be more transfers, so we will see how the club can improve its lineup.
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