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Manchester United have signed Lindelöf from Borussia Dortmund. The Swedish midfielder is a player of the attacking line, who is able to play in the number 10 position.
The signing of Lindeloff is another evidence of the strengthening of the team’s line. The previous season, the Red Devils did not have enough players in the attack.

The new signing will be a good addition to the lineup of the Red devils. The team will be able to use Lindelif to strengthen the defense.
Borussia Dortmund – new signings
The Borussia has recently strengthened its lineup. The club has signed a number of players, which will be very useful for the team.
1. Lukaku – the Belgian striker has joined the team for a relatively low fee. He is able play in different positions, which allows the club to make a number changes in the attacking lineup.
2. Mbappe – the Frenchman is a good player, who can play in various positions.
3. Rashford – the Englishman is able replace the injured Anderson, who will be used as a substitute.
4. De Gea – the Spanish goalkeeper is a very good player.
5. Matic – the Serbian midfielder is able do the same as De Geas position. He can also play as a winger.
6. Sane – the Algerian midfielder is also a good option.
7. Iwobi – the Nigerian midfielder is the latest addition to Borussia.
8. Schurrle – the German striker is able get into the lineup. He was injured for a long time, but now he is ready to help the team in the match.
9. Schweinsteiger – the American striker is the main striker of the club. He has good speed and good technique.
10. Schweinlin – the Dutch midfielder is an excellent option for the club, who needs to strengthen its lineup in the summer.
New signings of Manchester United
The previous season of the Premier League was not successful for the Red team. The main problem of the season was the lack of motivation of the players. The players did not want to leave their clubs, but they could not find a suitable solution.
This year, the situation has changed. The new season is very interesting for the fans, because the main contenders for the title are Manchester City and Liverpool. The teams are fighting for the most important trophy of the Old Continent – the Champions League.
If the team of Josep Guardiola and Liverpool fails to win the coveted trophy, then the team will have to fight for the place in the top 4. The Red team is not able to win gold medals, but the club is able win the Europa League. The last time the club won the tournament was in 1990.
Manchester City – new season
The team of Manuel Pellegrini has recently signed a new striker. The player is called Riyad Mahrez. The young player is able score a lot of goals, and he is very good in the air.
Riyad is a strong and versatile player, which can play as striker, or as a number 10. The signing of the young player will be an excellent addition to Pellegri’slist.
City has a number and depth of strikers, who are able to make the team a real contender for the gold medals.
Team’ new signings and the Champions league
The season of Champions League has already ended. The current champion of Europe is Manchester City. The City team has a good lineup, which is able fight for gold medals in the tournament.
There are a lot changes in Manchester City, but this team has good experience in the Champions tournament. The squad of Guardiola is able make a real fight for victory in the competition.
In the previous season the team was not able fight against the main favorites of the tournament, and the main problem was the failure in the group stage. The results of the previous year were not good for the City.
However, the team is able not to lose points in matches with the main rivals. The situation in the current season is not so good for Guardiola’st, but he has good players, who have already won the Champions trophy.
Main rivals of Manchester City
The main rivals of the City are:
1) Liverpool;
2) Barcelona;
3) Bayern;
4) PSG.
Of course, the main favorite of the current tournament is the team from the Old City. However, the current champion is not the only team that can compete with the City in the fight for a place in a higher zone of the standings.
It is also interesting to watch the matches of the teams from the lower divisions. The Champions League is a real tournament, where the teams have to play against the best clubs from all over the world.
Live score of matches of Manchester city
The current season of Manchester is very important for the clubs. The fight for places in the Europa league is also very interesting. The city of Manchester has a lot to do, and it is able show a good performance in the matches with its main competitors.
At the moment, the fight is not over yet, and there is still a lot for the teams to do.