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The start of the season has been quite eventful for the Premier League. The first matches of the new season have shown that the fight for the title is still very much alive, and the contenders for the victory are already quite close. The main contenders for gold medals are the teams of the English Premier League, and this is why we are going to look at the results of the matches that will decide the fate of the championship.
The first matches have shown us that the level of the teams in the Premier league has increased, and we can expect that the struggle for the champion title will continue.

The level of each team in the standings is quite high, and in the case of the strongest teams, the fight is already quite interesting. The teams of Manchester City and Southampton are quite close to the leaders, and it is quite possible that they will be able to get into the top-4.
However, it is also quite possible to get out of the fight, and there are a lot of teams that can help them to do this. The following teams can be considered the main contenders:
1. Liverpool
2. Chelsea
3. Manchester United
4. Arsenal
5. Tottenham Hotspur
6. Everton
7. Leicester City
8. Watford
9. Brighton & Hove Albion
10. Southampton
If Liverpool and Manchester United are in the top 4, then the rest of the clubs can be in the fight to get in the list.
Of course, we can’t ignore the fact that the teams from the Championship are not far behind, but they are not as strong as the teams that are in top 4.
So, the first matches will show us whether the teams are able to fight for gold or not, and if they will have enough motivation to fight until the last match.
Premier league results of both teams
The Premier league is an interesting competition, and every match is a new chance to win the title. The start of this season was quite eventual, and a lot can change in the next few months.
It is quite easy to follow the results on the sports statistics website, where all the information is updated in real time. The Premier league results are updated in the form of a table, and you can easily find the information on the website of sports statistics.
In the first rounds, the level in the English championship was quite high. Liverpool and Chelsea were already in the first position, and Manchester City was in the second position. The level of Manchester United was quite low, and Arsenal was in third position.
As for the level, the teams were quite close, and even though the gap between the teams is quite big, it can be easily closed. The next season will be very interesting, and all the teams will have a chance to prove themselves.
Liverpool and Manchester united in the lead
In general, the start of a new season is always a good opportunity to improve your position in the table, as well as to get a higher position in a certain league.
This season, the team of Jurgen Klopp has already managed to do both. The team has already won the title, and now it is in the leading position of the standings. The previous season, Liverpool was in second position, but the team managed to get to the top of the Premier championship. This time, the Reds are in first position of all the standings, and they are followed by Chelsea.
After the start, the Liverpool team was quite unstable, and many players were not able to show their maximum. However, the results were quite positive, and Jurgens Klopp managed to turn the tide of the match. The players of the team did not have the opportunity to rest, and so they managed to win a lot.
At the start the team was not in the best shape, and that is why it was not possible to fight against the leaders of the tournament. However it is now clear that Liverpool is a good team, and its players are ready to fight to the finish.
Chelsea’s chances of winning the title
The team of Josep Guardiola also started the season in the right way. The Blues were in the third position of Premier league, and managed to take the first place of the Champions League zone. However the team still has a long way to go, and only a few rounds can separate the teams.
Despite the fact, that the team has a good start, it still has some problems. The most important of them is the lack of motivation. The Guardiola team has not won the Champions league for a long time, and at the start it was quite difficult to get the necessary results.
Many people believe that the Chelsea team has the potential to win gold medals, and their chances are quite high now. The squad of Jose Mourinho is quite strong, and he managed to bring the team to the first places of the league. Now the team is quite close with the leaders and can even be considered as a real contender for the gold medals.
Now the main problem for Chelsea is the level on the field. The club is quite unstable right now, and some players are not able yet to show the maximum. The problems of the Blues are quite similar to those of Liverpool, and such a situation can not be allowed.