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The current season has been marked by a number of misfires and serious scandals, which have led to the resignation of the head of the country’s federation, the Chinese Football Association.
The situation is so serious that the situation in the championship is getting worse and worse. The gap between the teams is increasing, which has led to a situation where the teams are fighting for the title.
This year, the championship has been dominated by the Chinese Super League, which is considered to be the strongest in the world. This is the reason why the Chinese football league has become one of the most popular in the entire world.
However, the situation is not without its problems. The main problem of the championship this year is the fact that the teams have not been able to demonstrate their maximum. This has led many fans to believe that the championship will be won by the teams that are able to score a lot of goals.

The Chinese Super league is a championship that is divided into two divisions. The first division is for the teams playing in the Chinese League 1. The second division is the championship of the Chinese Championship. This division is divided in two parts. The top division is called the national championship, and the second division, the second tier.
In the national league, the teams play against each other once every four years. The teams that finish in the first position of the national tournament are considered to have a chance of winning the championship.
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Team’s Prospects in Second Half of Season
In recent years, the number of teams that have won the championship increased significantly. However, the most successful teams are the ones that are considered the main favorites of the season.
Among the favorites of this season, the following teams have a good chance of getting into the final tournament:
1. Shanghai SIPG.
2. Shanghai Shenhua.
3. Henan Jianye.
4. Qingdao Jonoon.
5. Beijing Guoan.
6. Tianjin Teda.
7. Jiangsu Sainty.
8. Changchun Yatai.
9. Hebei China Fortune.
10. Liaoning FC.
11. Zhejiang Yoyo.
12. Suzlon Xiamen.
13. Dalian Yifang.
14. Chongqing Lifan.
15. Guizhou Zhicheng.
16. Sichuan Yiyuan.
17. Wuhan Yantai.
18. Xinjiang Yuzhong.
19. Guangzhou R&F.
20. Harbin Yiteng.
21. Shandong Luneng.
These teams have the best chances of winning a place in the final stage of the tournament. However this season many teams have failed, which led to an increase in the gap between them.
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Main Intrigues of Second Half
The second half of the current season is very important for the clubs that are trying to win the championship title. The most interesting part of the second half is the struggle for the champion title between the clubs from the top division of the China League 1 and the teams in the second league.
Due to this, it is extremely difficult to predict the outcome of the competition. The Chinese football championship has a number and variety of intrigues. The following teams are considered favorites of each round of the championships:
* Guangdong Liansheng;
* * Qinghai Zhumia;
* * Sanya Jianye;
* * * Shanghai Sipona;
and Jiangxi Zhongshan.

The teams of the top league of the National League 1 are very strong. This year, they have won all the matches they have played. The team of Jiangxi has won the title for the second time. The previous time, the team was disqualified for not having a ticket to the finals.
At the same time, it should be noted that the team of Sanya has not won the national title. This season, it has not been possible to play against Jiangxi. The reason for this is the failure of the team to win a place at the finals of the Champions League.
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Champions League Results
The Champions League is the most prestigious club tournament in the history of the football championship. It is held every year, and it is the main tournament of the European football. The competition is held between the best clubs of the Old Continent. The Champions League has a long history. It has been held since the early 1990s.
There are a lot more teams in this tournament than in the Champions Cup. This tournament is held in a round-robin format, which means that each team plays against every other team in the tournament once.
Each round of this tournament is divided by two groups. The winners of each group play in the semifinals.