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Arsenal have signed midfielder Kolasinc. The player is a Slovakian and he has previously played for Spartak. He can play in several positions:
1. Attacking midfielder.
2. Defensive midfielder.
3. Midfielder.
4. Striker.
5. Defender.
6. Goalkeeper.
7. Mid fielder.
8. Forward.
9. Defender in the attack.
10. Mid.
11. Defender, goalkeeper.
12. Defender and goalkeeper. Kolasiniac is a good option for the team if he can play both in the attacking and in the defensive line.
The player is young, and he will have to prove himself in the English Premier League. He will be able to do that, because the team is very confident in the game.

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New signings of Manchester United
Manchester United have signed:
* Lukaku;
* Rashford;
* Pogba.
Lukaku is a Belgian who plays for the United. He is a top scorer of the club. He scored 22 goals in the season 2018-2019.
Rashford is a young English midfielder. He has already played for the club for a few years. He scores a lot of goals for the Red Devils.
Pogba is a Frenchman who is a main star of the team. He was a key player of the French national team.
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Liverpool – Klopp’s squad
Liverpool has signed:
* Fabinho;
– De Jong;
* De Gea.
Fabinho is a Brazilian midfielder who plays in the middle of the field. He made his debut for the Reds in the Champions League.
De Jong is a Dutch forward who is the main scorer of Liverpool. He had scored 20 goals in his first season.
Also, De Gean is a German midfielder who is an important player for the squad. He plays in midfield.
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Football scores on the reliable resource
The football season has started in the Premier League, and the fight for the title is very intense. The main contenders for the victory are:
โ€ข Chelsea;
โ€ข Manchester City;
ยท Liverpool.
Each team has its own strengths and weaknesses. In the fight to win the title, each of the teams has to play with its own players, which will determine the outcome of the match.
In the Premier league, each team has a number of players that are not only the leaders of the squad but also have a high number of goals. The team with the most goals wins.
This season, the main goal of the leaders is to win gold medals. They have to do it not only in the domestic arena, but also in the international arena. The teams are playing with the same players, so it is very important to understand the tactical decisions of the coach.
All the latest results from the Premier leagues
The fight for gold medals is very tense, and it is especially so in the premier league. Each team has to win a number in the standings that is equal to or more than the number of points it receives in the tournament.
It is very difficult to reach the maximum number of victories in the fight against the leaders. The last few rounds have shown that the teams are not in the best condition.
However, the teams have a number that is not so small. They can be distinguished by the fact that they have a good number of draws. This is the most important factor in the final result.
Every team has the same number of wins, draws, and losses. This means that the results of the matches are not predictable. The Premier league is a game of a few rounds, and each match is important for the outcome.
Latest football scores
The season has just begun, and already it is already clear that the fight is not over yet. The fight for victory in the championship of England is very tough. The leaders have to win not only a number, but a number equal to the number that they need to win.
Chelsea and Manchester City are the main contenders. Each of them has a good squad and a good lineup. The Chelsea players have a strong lineup that can be used not only for the fight with the leaders, but for the whole season. The City has a strong squad that can play with the outsiders.
Manchester City has won the Premier championship for the second time in a row. The previous time was in 2016. The players of the Citizens have a lot to prove, and they are confident in their fight.
Of course, the team will have a tough time, but it is the first time that the team has won in the first round.
Who will win the champion title?
The main contenders are: 1. Chelsea; 2. Manchester City. 3. Tottenham Hotspur. 4. Arsenal.