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Arsenal have been in a crisis for a long time now. The team has been in crisis for several seasons now, and the latest crisis is the departure of Unai Emery. The Gunners have been trying to get a replacement for him for a while now, but the club has not been able to find a suitable candidate.
The problem is that Arsenal is not a team that can be bought for a small sum of money. The club is worth a lot of money, but it is not possible to buy a team with such a budget.
Arsenal’s situation is quite similar to that of Manchester United. The Red Devils have been losing points in every match they play, and they have no choice but to make transfers to get out of this situation.
Emery’ s departure is a good opportunity for Arsenal to get some good players. The problem is, that Arsenal does not have a good selection of players, so it is quite difficult to get the best out of them.
However, the Gunners are not in a bad situation, because they have a number of good players who can help them get out from this crisis.

The team has a number
of good players, but they have not been playing for a few years. The main problem is the lack of experience. The players have not played for a number years, and this is the main reason why the Gunner’ are not able to compete with the leaders of the Premier League.
Manchester United have a similar problem. The leaders of Manchester City are not that good, and it is very difficult to compete against them. The situation is the same for Arsenal, and there is a high probability that the team will not be able to get into the Champions League. The current crisis is a result of the lack a number players.
Lack of experience
is another problem for the Gunni. The squad has not played together for a very long time, and now the leaders have to play with each other for a lot longer. This is another reason why they are not very successful in the Premier league.
In addition, the team does not play in the Champions league for a couple of years. This means that the players have to spend a lot more time together. This will help the team to get back into the top-5.
It is important for the team
to get back to the Champions’ league, because it is the best tournament in the world. The Premier league is not very important to the Gunnar, because he has a lot to do and a lot can happen in the tournament.
There is a chance that the Gunnars will be able
to return to the top 5, because the team has good players and a good squad. However, the main problem for Arsenal is the fact that the club does not really have a new coach. The crisis is not the first time that Emery has left the club, and he has left it for a new position.
If the Gunns can get a new head coach, then they will be in a good position to compete for the title. However this will require a lot from the club.
Main rivals of Arsenal
are Manchester City, Liverpool, and Chelsea. All of them have a lot better squads and are more likely to be able compete against Arsenal.
You can follow the development of the situation in the Gunnery on the sports statistics website. Here, you will find information about the results of matches of the teams and players, as well as the latest news.
Who is the most likely candidate for the new head
coach of the Gunny?
The most likely coach of Arsenal is Arsene Wenger. The Frenchman has a good reputation in the football world, and his teams have won a lot.
Wenger has been at the helm of the club for a little over a year, and so far, he has managed to get his team into the Europa League, where they have been able do quite well.
This is a great result for the club and Wenger. However the club still needs to do a lot in the near future. It is important to get better results in the domestic arena, and if the team can do this, then it will be quite possible to get closer to the Europa league. However it is also important to improve the situation of the team in the Europa tournament. This can be achieved by the following:
1. Improving the results in domestic arena.
2. Getting into the EPL.
3. Improvment of the results at the Europa.
4. Getting a new manager.
5. Improval of the squad.
6. Improvement of the transfers.
7. Development of the coaching staff.
8. Progress of the players.
It can be said that the situation at the club is not so good, but Wenger has managed not to let this affect his results.
Arsenal is a team which can be considered as a potential candidate for getting into the Premier championship. It has a great squad, and even if the club cannot compete with Manchester City and Liverpool, it is still possible to do well. The results of the matches of Arsenal can be found on the website of sports statistics.
What to expect from the team?
It will be extremely difficult for the Arsenal to compete directly with the teams that are stronger.